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March 28 - March 30, 2019 "Designing Your Mixed Methods Research Project: An Interactive Workshop" at Stanford University. (posted 8/2018)   In this 3-day interactive workshop, the Stanford-Surgery Policy and Improvement Research & Education (S-SPIRE) Center has assembled an interdisciplinary team of mixed methods experts. We will help you design and analyze a mixed methods research project or create a proposal, using qualitative and quantitative methods. Participants will complete the workshop with a personalized design and implementation plan for their projects. 

                                Early registration discounts, Limited seats available! 

Who Should Attend: Researchers, faculty, staff and students motivated to design a mixed methods research project using both qualitative and quantitative methods. 

What to Expect:

  • Work on your mixed methods proposal, research study, or manuscript 
  • Improve your project with rigorous methodology using an interactive-participatory format
  • Refine your project through group consultation with leading methodologist and group feedback
Requirements for Enrollment: Participants who will benefit the most from this workshop will be actively designing, conducting, revising, or analyzing a mixed methods project. 

Fully Funded Outcomes & Health Services Research Fellowship through the Surgical Outcomes and Quality Improvement Center (SOQIC) (post 08/2018) 

Northwestern University’s Surgical Outcomes and Quality Improvement Center (SOQIC) is offering a funded two-year onsite fellowship in surgical outcomes, health services, and health care policy research for surgical residents to pursue during their research years. The goal of the research fellowship is to help prepare surgical residents for a successful career in academic surgery by developing an expertise in surgical health services and outcomes research. Research fellows will spend a minimum of two years with the SOQIC research team conducting research, taking advanced degree courses, and working on developing a robust, meaningful research agenda. Research fellows will earn a Master’s or PhD degree that bests suits their needs through one of the programs offered at Northwestern. The SOQIC Research Fellowship is a unique opportunity that allows the surgical resident to gain firsthand experience in outcomes and health services research methodology, as well as in practical quality and process improvement work. The program also prepares the Fellow for a career in academic surgery with a focus on national surgical healthcare issues. Strong preference will be given to candidates with prior research experience. One-year fellowships will not be considered. To apply contact: Remi Love remi-love@northwestern.edu

Link to SOQIC Publications in the last year (Display the 38 citations in PubMed )
Link to all SOQIC Publications on PubMed: http://1.usa.gov/1AMAn7x

Northwestern University Research Fellowship (post 08/2018) The Northwestern Surgical Outcomes and Quality Improvement Center offers a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in health services, outcomes, and quality improvement research.  This is particularly geared to surgical residents taking two years after their second or third year of residency to focus on developing a research career. Full details are available at:

Northwestern Outcomes Research Fellowship Website For more information please contact Karl Bilimoria, MD MS at kbilimoria@facs.org

UCLA joins with three other Universities to create National Clinician Scholars Program (posted 3/2015)  We are happy to report that the National Clinician Scholars Program launched with a press release.  The new Program’s website and on-line application are live!

We are grateful to RWJF for their support of the Clinical Scholars Program at UCLA over the past 40 years.  With the new National Clinician Scholars Program, we honor this legacy and continue this important work of training clinicians to be change agents and solve our communities’ most pressing health and healthcare concerns.  For the first time ever, this new program brings together nurses and physicians to train in interdisciplinary teams.  We hope you will join us in finding the best candidates to fill these positions at UCLA and the three other program sites at the University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University. 

We are happy to answer questions or talk more about this new program and can be reached at (310) 794-2268 or by email (cpunzalan@mednet.ucla.edu).

American College of Surgeons Clinical Scholars in Residence Program Announcement (posted 3/2015)  The American College of Surgeons (ACS) offers a two-year onsite fellowship in surgical outcomes research, health services research, and healthcare policy.  The Clinical Scholar will work in multiple areas within the ACS Division of Research and Optimal Patient Care to advance the quality improvement initiatives of the ACS, offering opportunities to perform research relevant to ongoing projects within the ACS. Participants will also earn a Masters degree through Northwestern University during their two years in Chicago at the ACS.  Strong clinical, statistical, and health services research mentorship will be provided through the ACS.  The prior participants since 2005 have had excellent, productive experiences. For more information, go to:  www.facs.org/ropc/clinicalscholars.html

If you have additional questions, please contact Karl Bilimoria, MD MS at kbilimoria@facs.org