Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can the applicant request a specific mentor (SOC member), whose research compliments the type the surgical outcomes research the applicant wishes to pursue during the 1-year fellowship?

During the first year, we anticipate mentors will be individuals on the SOC Executive Committee. If there is an EC member that would be a good fit to your research, it would be fine to mention this within your two-page statement.


2. If the SOC mentor is located at a different institution, can the applicant remain at his or her home institution and communicate with the SOC mentor through routine exchanges by phone, email, etc? Or, must the applicant relocate to the institution of the SOC mentor for 1 year?

The program will not require any relocation of fellows. We hope that mentors and fellows will meet in person at national meetings, etc. when opportunities arise, but a majority of the communication will indeed be through phone, email, etc.